BEER - Hyde talks Eric into stealing beer 169KB

BEER2 - Eric gets caught (kinda) 339KB

POODLE - Red first notice of Bob's hair 243KB

CAR - Eric tells the gang that he's getting a car 470KB

STUPID - Eric could have had Donna at anytime 618KB

CAR2 - Eric talks to the Vista Cruiser 295KB

FEZ - "enormous breast" 105KB

BATHROOM - Fez asks Eric to go to the bathroom with him 135K

FEELING - The guys signing 200KB

WHEELS - "a car is not a bedroom on wheels. And no donuts either" 76KB

GOD - "God would want us to go to Milwaukee" 141KB

PARENTS - The kids do voice overs for there parents. Big file to download but funny. 896KB

HUSTLE - "Hey, everybody lets hustle" 39KB

WHORE - "How can you say God hates you? At least you have a woman's love. Be happy Whore." 90KB

SUIT - "This suit is for leisure, but sometimes I use it to get down to business" 97KB

CANADA - hey, Eric can drive to Canada 314KB

NEX_TIME - "When exactly is next time" 33KB

SLEEP - "Like I could sleep now" 32KB

SONG - The song they sign at the end of the episode in Vista Cruiser 484KB